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Yoga Equipment’s Online in Pakistan at Yoga is one of the most popular and important exercises today. Yoga is an excellent exercise to enhance mental awareness and physical well-being. Any yoga move, whether the twist, turn or stretch require a lot of balance and concentration. While practicing any yoga move, at your house or at a garden you need to maintain proper balance which might be difficult without a yoga mat. Therefore, to have a proper grip and to further enjoy your yoga moves you need the best yoga mat. These yoga mats come in varying styles, thickness and materials, each having their own benefits for the yoga expert. Types of Yoga Mats Yoga mats are made from several types of materials such as rubber, jute, cotton and PVC. Chances are that PVC yoga mats will stick to your body but you will not slip while practicing yoga on a PVC mat. Rubber mats will also give you a steady ground, whereas jute and cotton mats are quite eco friendly. However, the texture of jute mats are quite uncomfortable and cotton mats could make movement a bit difficult. Another aspect that needs to be considered when you buy yoga mats is the thickness, which basically determines the comfort while you sit and lie down. Yoga mats are quite compact and can be easily carried around, as you just need to do is roll them up. How to choose a yoga mat? Width: The matters a lot when you are choosing a yoga mat, cause that will help you with your different yoga positions. A typical yoga mat is 72 inches and the width is 24 inches. Sometimes yoga masters recommend longer and wider yoga mats for better position during practice. Thickness: Thickness is crucial to avoid back and body pains while lying down. High performance yoga mats are 7 mm in thickness, whereas lightweight yoga mats are between 2 mm to 5 mm. Design: The design of the yoga mat does not affect the performance, but a yoga mat that is colorful and has some pattern is visually pleasing. Buy Yoga Accessories Online Finding a yoga accessories shop in Pakistan might be difficult, and if you end up finding one the yoga equipment turns out to be outdated or pricey. So buy yoga accessories from the yoga shop at The online store has a range of yoga equipment available, such as yoga mats, waist twisting disc, tummy trimmer and many more. You can find varying colors and patterns of yoga mats at The yoga mat prices in Pakistan at is quite affordable. So shop for the best yoga accessories at and let the fitness exercise begin.