Affiliate FAQ's

What is Daraz Affiliate Program?

The Daraz affiliate program is an easy way to earn commissions by referring customers online to us. You can use our creative ads or links on your website/facebook page to refer a new or existing user to the website. On conversion you can earn up to 11% commision every time a user clicks on the banner/link and purchase on our website.

How does Daraz Affiliates program works?

Its simple. Join of our affiliate program by signing up at Provide your complete and accurate details. Once your account approved, start promoting us. You can use our provided creative banners or special promotion links to generate sales. On our affiliate platform, you can observe your referred traffic performance on daily basis. Once your referred visitor shopped some item/s from our website, you will be eligible for commission defined as per that item category. However, to validate between confirm or invalid or cancelled sales 40-45 days time period is required at our end. After this time period you can see confirmed sales commission on platform and will be paid.

Do I need to pay some fee to join the program?

No, There is no fee to join or being part of our affiliate program.

I just applied for Daraz Affiliate program, What now?

A little patients is always appreciated. We review all applications manually before approval so that could take up to 3 working days. Once your application accepted or rejected, you will get notification via email.

Why my joining application is rejected?

There could be several reasons for it and you can find it in our terms and condition document. In general, most of the rejections are because of improper data updates in sign up form like most of applicant didn't provide source of promotion. And sometimes there mentioned sources are not our upto mark so they got rejections.

Where I can contact for more information or help?

For related queries and more information about the program, You can contact us at [email protected] It usually takes between 48-72 business hours for us to respond. Please note that we don't provide technical support other than our platform.

Do I will get promotional banners or links for my site or promotion method?

Yes, at our affiliate platform you will get access to following, a. Creative Ads: You can access our creative banner ads database on platform. We keep it upto date as per our weekly promotions and offers in all standard sizes. You can simply copy paste its code to your platform. b. Custom Links: You can also create your own choice landing pages or categories. All you need it just to create a deep link from our deep link generation tool and use it at your promotion source. c. Product Feed: We also provide our updated product feeds. So you can access it any time and push it on your own website or promotion place.

May I select which brands or products to promote or Daraz will guide me?

Yes we will guide you by sharing a weekly newsletter about new promotions & offers to generate more sales. However you can choose our products or brands or categories as per your website niche or audience.

I have multiple resources/websites, Do I need separate accounts for each?

No, you don't need separate accounts. All you need to do is, simply add all of your websites or sources as adspaces and every time generate separate promotional links for each. It will help you and us in determining which of your website is performing well. system.

Can I monitor my progress in terms of report or conversions?

Yes you can access it at your account at our affiliate platform. It will show you how much traffic you are generating and what conversions they are doing at our website but as said above, final validation will be set after 45 days time period.

How can I make money with affiliate program & what payment method will be used?

By promoting on your website and resources you can earn commission on referred sales. Please review our terms and condition for more details. For payments, we will pay your commission as per your defined information at your accounts.

How much commission I can earn?

Commissions %ages are defined on our page on the basis of categories. As max you can earn upto 11% commission via our platform. We divided your commission in 3 slabs one is commission you earn on every sale as per defined category commission slab plus you can get 1% extra if your referred customer is new and additionally you can earn bonus 1% on each conversion if your referred customer increase upto 15 conversions in a single month.

Daraz Affiliate Commission Rate!

Do I need to pay taxes?

Yes it could be taxable as per your defined Country's or State's Law of taxation. For further details you need to ask your accounts or tax consultant for this. For further details email us at [email protected]

Is there any Terms & Conditions to follow?

Yes, to become our affiliate you need to follow our terms and conditions. By applying for affiliate program, we consider you as agreed on our terms & conditions.

Can I stop promoting your affiliate program at any time?

Yes of course, there is no limitations. You reserve the right to stop promoting our programmes at any time. But we would like to hear why you are leaving us or your reason of this extreme step so we can help your or improve ourselves to avoid these departures.

Can I promote your ads alongside with Google Adsense or other advertising networks?

We have no issues. And as per our knowledge, there are no restrictions whatsoever. You can promote our affiliate programme regardless of whether you work with other advertising networks.

My account is suspended? What is the reason?

Anything violating our terms and condition may lead to account suspension. And sometimes it may lead to stop paying commission as well.

Could I become part of any other business program along with Daraz affiliate program?

No, you could not join other partnership or business program/s if you are already joined Daraz affiliate program. And in a similar way you can't join Daraz affiliate program if you are already signed up with some other program. In case of violation of this condition, you may lose all of your earned commission or sales at affiliate account or all other accounts if we find you enrolled in multiple programs. So if you already have multiple accounts with different Daraz program, please contact us to save your account and commission from penalty.

If you still have more questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Click Here to go back to Affiliate Signup Page.