Deals While You Wait!

Terms & Conditions  

  • Lucky winners will be announced the next day. Rs. 1 will be refunded to all others. 
  • Winner will be contacted by Daraz when they have won 
  • Customers are allowed to participate once per day 
  • The prizes will be alloted randomly to the participants 
  • Participants will be reached out via Push Notication when they win. For that purpose Push Notifications for the app need to be enabled 
  • Daraz reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any User or Order that does not meet the criteria for the game, or to limit the provision or quantity of any product or service to any person or geogrpahic area it deems fit 
  • Users shall be prohibited from running or accessing the game using programs other than the Daraz app 
  • The game will be available during certain campaign periods.