Additional Discounts for UBL Card Users

UBL brings you yet another exciting opportunity to get additional discounts. With your UBL Cards you can pay at with greater ease and get additional discounts. Get the best out of this sale with the above mentioned UBL Cards by having unbelievable discounts. Always use your UBL Cards with convenience for online shopping and payments.

How to activate your UBL Signature Debit MasterCard & Premium Debit MasterCard for online shopping

1 Call the UBL Helpline at 111-825-888
2 Ask the support representative to enable your card for online shopping
3 Provide any verification info that is requested
4 You're done! Your UBL card will be activated for online shopping for the requested period

Note:You will have to re-activate your UBL card for internet shopping in order to use it again.