Our Goal To Support Families In Need

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Donate to Help Save Homes and Save Lives

The lockdown situation across the country due to Corona virus in Pakistan has put many unfortunate lives to vulnerability. People who depend on wages or commissions have been particularly affected by the recent policies to contain the pandemic of Covid-19. As most offices and industries are now working from home or shut down indefinitely, many daily wage workers are out of work. Consequently, they’ve lost their earning because of which their families are suffering to get by.

Several NGOs have taken it up to help these families by distributing rations and procuring health facilities to help them afford the basic necessities along with the distribution of Zakat across Pakistan as Ramazan is close. This is the time for all salaried individuals with secure jobs to lend a helping hand towards those in need. In this time of global crisis, people should be more generous in giving charities and making donations in Pakistan.

Make Swift Digital Donations to Different NGOS with Daraz

As doing charity and making donations has become the need of the hour, Daraz has come up with the innovative idea of digital donations in Pakistan. As part of its Daraz Cares initiatives, Daraz has partnered with various NGOs like Saylani, Edhi Foundation, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, Indus Hospital and many others to help facilitate you in donating to registered families.

The method to make your donation aswell as International donations is very straight forward. You can select your donation package in which you can choose to donate ration, health facilities, give zakat in Pakistan or make donations to oversea's charity organisations. Place your order and select a digital payment method as per your convenience. Once your order has been confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email so that you also have a record of your donation as well. All the donation orders placed are directly dealt with by the respective NGOs who’re themselves responsible for distributing the donated funds and ration to the registered families.