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Fast Delivery

Daraz Express products will be delivered to you faster than ever before! Within 1 - 6 Business Days for customers everywhere in Pakistan.

Guaranteed Stock

Daraz Express is doubling your excitement in half the time. The Daraz Express logo assures that products you want are always in stock and available for same day delivery!

Quality Assured

Quality comes first! Your products will be packaged professionally, and go through quality checks to make sure they are safe while speeding to your door step!

What Is Daraz Express?

Daraz Express is the best way to shop online and get quality products delivered to your door within a day! Daraz Express is available for all customers on eligible items at no extra cost.

Finding Daraz Express products is easy

Look for the Daraz Express Badge

You will see the Daraz Express badge on all Daraz Express eligible products, both on the product detail page and as you browse categories on Daraz.

Search with the Daraz Express filter

You can also filter your searches for Daraz Express eligible items. Just click on the Daraz Express badge in the "filters" section.

Why use Daraz Express?

Are you tired of a delayed delivery of your favorite products? Let us enlighten you with a new era of Daraz First operating on the delivery at your doorstep of your desired items with a quality that leaves you stunned. Daraz First is available for a list of selected products, so say no to delayed delivery today.

The proposed aim is to give our customers the quality they have been wanting within the time span promised. Daraz Express operates on a guarantee of delivery within 1 - 6 Business Days for customers everywhere in Pakistan. There are a few areas where the delivery services may not be available prevailingly but an expansion of services will arrive soon to please you like no other.

Daraz Express in an astounding initiative taken by Daraz.pk to create more convenience for us. Daraz.pk is renowned for its reliability and trustworthy association with its valuable customers. We are committed to provide you the best services with a prior goal of customers' satisfaction. Online retailing is a very vast setting, building mutual trust is a milestone achieved by Daraz in the former years. With greater efforts to serve efficiently, Daraz.pk has been innovative to remain a successor presenting Daraz Express. Daraz Express can be explored as an unforgettable online shopping experience with prompt delivery services of goods that will be cherished for its quality. We take complete responsibility of top quality products and no cancellations for an order placed.