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Buy Quinoa in Pakistan

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa, often hailed as a "superfood," is a nutritious seed that has gained immense popularity in Pakistan. Originally from South America, quinoa is known for its high protein content, rich fiber, and abundance of vitamins and minerals. It's gluten-free and a great alternative to traditional grains, making it a favorite among health-conscious individuals. Quinoa is versatile in cooking, used in salads, soups, as a rice substitute, and various other dishes.


Types of Quinoa in Pakistan

In Pakistan, various types of quinoa cater to different dietary preferences and culinary uses:


  • White Quinoa: The most common type, known for its fluffy texture and mild flavor.
  • Red Quinoa: Slightly chewier than white quinoa, with a nuttier taste.
  • Black Quinoa: Known for its earthy flavor and crunchy texture.
  • Tri-Color Quinoa: A mix of white, red, and black quinoa, offering a combination of textures and flavors.


Quinoa Price in Pakistan

Type of Quinoa Price Range (PKR per 500g)
White Quinoa 500 - 700
Red Quinoa 600 - 800
Black Quinoa 700 - 900
Tri-Color Quinoa 650 - 850

Note: Prices may vary based on brand, quality, and market conditions.


Where to Buy Quinoa Online

Daraz.pk is a prominent online marketplace in Pakistan for purchasing quinoa. The platform offers a variety of quinoa types from different brands and suppliers. Customers can compare prices, read reviews, and choose products that best suit their needs. The process of buying on Daraz is streamlined, with secure payment options and home delivery services. It's important to check the seller's credibility and customer feedback to ensure the quality of the quinoa.



Quinoa in Pakistan has emerged as a nutritious alternative to traditional grains, catering to a growing demand for healthy eating options. With its different types, ranging from white to tri-color quinoa, it provides versatility in culinary applications. The convenience of purchasing quinoa online, especially through platforms like Daraz, has made it easily accessible to health-conscious consumers. Incorporating quinoa into the Pakistani diet offers a delicious way to enjoy a nutritious meal.


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