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Huawei Tablets at Daraz for Easy Use


Huawei is one of the largest electronics manufacturing companies across the globe. The Chinese electronics giant produces a wide range of telecommunication and networking equipment that businesses and individuals prefer to use.


Many people in Pakistan prefer to buy Huawei tablet because of its sleek designs and easy to use interfaces. Therefore, Daraz is offering a large range of it right here to choose from. When you are to buy online, keep a number of considerations in mind such as the Huawei tablet price, the features and the design with it.

, Huawei MateBook ,

The Huawei MateBook is the latest tablet that is designed and manufactured by the brand. This tablet is designed in such a way that it is highly portable to use. The small size and its design allows people to carry it in their hands everywhere they go. The metal unibody of this Huawei tablet gives it a total weight of 640 grams which is nothing compared to other tablets by different brands. Along with this, the slimness is of 6.9mm.


The Huawei MateBook offers up to 8GB LPDDR3 & up to 512GB high-speed SSD in it making it a slightly pricey one in terms of Huawei tablet price in Pakistan. The stability and processing speed is very high for this device as it holds a 6th Gen Intel Core m7 dual-core processor. The MatePen with the tablet Huawei gives you ease of access and operation as well.

, Huawei Media Pad Range ,

When you have to buy Huawei tablets online, the Media Pad range is one that you should not miss. These tablets offer the fullest audio experience that you can find. There is surround sound present from different speakers that provide a rich and clear acoustic experience to its users.


Different models offer features such as M-Pen which lets you draw on the tablet by using a specially designed pen. There is a next generation fingerprint sensor present which gives you an easy and quick identification process that you need.


The Media Pad range comes in different sizes out of which the Huawei 10 inch tablet is one of the favorites among many buyers. This size is perfect for a large number of people to use as it shows you everything clearly along with providing portability as well.


The Huawei 7 inch tablet in the Media Pad range is for people who want to have a smaller sized tablet that they can easily carry around. Moreover people who want to use it for a bare minimum amount of function such as surfing the internet or using social media should use this.

, Features to consider ,

When buying a Huawei tablet, you need to keep a number of features in check. Some of them include the size, the processor and the display.


Other factors include the operating system which is the Android OS of different versions in these tablets. Another feature to consider is the color of the device. The tablets by Huawei come in a large palette of colors that can be selected.