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Avail Online Qurbani Service in Pakistan This Eid ul Adha

Performing the religious duty of sacrifice during the current quarantine situation is can be unsafe. Going to buy and animal for sacrifice poses many health threats. Safety today means maintaining social distance. Daraz brings to you the Qurbani Ghar Bethay campaign that takes away al the hassle from this and lets you have a safe, socially-distanced Eid this year!

With this campaign, you can make a booking for online qurbani in Karachi and make an online qurbani donation. Daraz aims to make this Eid a completely hassle-free experience for you this year. All you’ve to do is book online qurbani with Daraz by choosing your preferred package, pay online and voila! You’re all set for qurbani this Eid ul adha!

Book for Online Qurbani in Pakistan and Donate!

Daraz has partnered with several NGOs to offer it’s Eid ul Adha Qurbani Ghar Bethay service. The service allows you to book for online qurbani in Pakistani during the ongoing lockdown. You can book through Daraz and select the most suitable available package offered by one of the NGOs. This service allows you to purchase a qurbani package and donate it to the deserving families. The NGOs will be dealing with the donation collection and distribution themselves, and Daraz is only facilitating the noble cause.

The prevalent lockdown has affected the labor class the most. People have lost their jobs and have been struggling to make through the days. This Eid ul Adha, join Daraz in helping these deserving people. As the privileged people, lets come together to perform a noble deed that can help put a smile on these faces. Your qurbani donation can feed families who haven’t eaten well for a long time. Your online qurbani can mean the world to the needy – so join us and together, let’s help the hungry and the poor!

Daraz Offers Convenient Online Shopping in Pakistan

Daraz is Pakistan’s largest online shopping platform. It offers a variety of products in several categories – home and lifestyle, fashion and beauty, electronics, kitchen and home appliances, and many more! Daraz offers more than just products, it offers service as well! The Qurbani Ghar Bethay service allows you to purchase a qurbani package with the NGO of your choice and make a qurbani donation to the deserving families!

Daraz makes the online shopping experience easy with secure payment options, easy checkout, timely delivery, user-friendly app and web interface, prompt customer service and so on! At Daraz, you can experience online shopping at its best. No more hassle of visiting the physical retail and surveying the market for the best prices. At Daraz, you get the best price rates and quality products.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Daraz online shopping in Pakistan website or download your a pp now to start with an exciting shopping experience today!