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Dumbbells Weights Online in Pakistan at

A type of a free weight, a dumbbell is a piece of equipment used in weight training. Often used in pairs for various exercises, dumbbells can be used individually as well to target one specific side at a time. A dumbbell set is a given at any gym as it is used in the most basic weight lifting exercises. However, you can get dumbbell weights for home use as well so that you never miss out on your work-out routine if you could not make it to the gym a particular day. Furthermore, their ease and simple use make them ideal for beginners as well as for those who have been working out for long.

Along with the main muscles, dumbbell exercises require effort from multiple stabilizing muscles as well. So this means that your muscles are in sync and can gain strength together rather than independently. Relatively cheap, compact and useful - adjustable dumbbells are an integral part of the workout for any gym enthusiast.

Different Types of Dumbbells Online

There are varied kinds of dumbbell weights available to opt from. At, you will find a large collection of dumbbell weight set, adjustable dumbbell set and individual weights from a number of different brands. The dumbbells can be incorporated in exercises to gain muscles, improve flexibility or strength and can even be used for weight loss. For that reason, they come in all sorts of weights, shape, sizes and sets. It is important to know from the start as to what you will be using them for.

With Adjustable dumbbells, you can switch between different weights with the turn of a dial. This is an ideal equipment for those who want to vary weights between the exercises and want to save space while putting away their equipment. Furthermore, an adjustable dumbbell can help you save the cost of buying multiple fixed dumbbells.

Some multiples are coated with rubber and some of the weight loads are made of cast iron and hard rubber. Other dumbbells come with scored or rubberized grips for better handling. You can find dumbbell plates and the dumbbell racks here at as well so that you can complete your set at home. We bring you the best dumbbells price in Pakistan so place your order instantly. 1kg dumbbells price may differ from 5kg dumbbells price but we guarantee fine quality.

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With our extensive collection of dumbbells provided by various brands, you are sure to find the right weights and sets for your workout routine. Whether you are looking to bulk up or tone down, dumbbells' versatility make them one of the first pieces of gym equipment one should own. No more rushing to the dumbbell shops in Karachi or Lahore creating a hassle, we deliver all across the country. Browse our category and sort by prices to get the best prices of dumbbells in Pakistan. Order online, get dumbbell sets delivered to your doorstep and start working out.