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Kajal- Get you Black Stroke On 

There are numerous makeup products that are essential for enhancing your looks. However, a kajal is an essential makeup item that one is ought to find in every woman's handbag. The use of kajal dates back to centuries ago, when women had barely any makeup products to use. However, the advent of several new makeup items did not see the use of kajal decreasing. Kajal is used by both men and women as it ensures beauty with a simple stroke. Kajal is mainly used for the eyes, and the specific areas are the eyelids to contour. Over the years, kajal is applied to create different styles such as to highlight the eyes and on the upper eyelash line. You can create new looks for yourself everyday buy by applying kajal in various ways, this way you can experiment with your look and also complement it with your clothing. You can buy kajal online the famous Pakistani store Daraz.pk that offers you originals and good quality  kajals, along with a seamless shopping experience.  Here you can find the best kajal prices, that are pocket friendly.

Types of Kajals  

Similar to other makeup products, you can even find various types of kajal. When speaking about color the most common color for kajal is black and this color is widely available in the market. This color suits all skin tones and is a universal color that is surely to be found in every woman's vanity box. Whereas, kajal is available in many other colors such as blue, grey, purple and many others. Since young girls are usually creative with their eyes, they love creating smoky and winged eyes from time to time, especially for funky parties. This is when the other colors, apart from black could come in handy.

Kajal also comes in different formulas such as liquid, pencil, powder and roll on. The most popular form of kajal is liquid or pencil, as these are quite affordable. Pencil kajal are long lasting and gives a sharper line when compared to their liquid counterpart. Over the years, cosmetic companies have started to manufacture kajal that is both smudge and water proof. However, if you have sensitive skin that opt for a kajal that will not cause any irritation and will keep you comfortable throughout the day. Get the best price of kajal online at Daraz.pk.

Buy Kajal Online

You can now buy kajal for eyes from a wide collection and brands online at Daraz.pk. Here the kajal price in Pakistan is pocket friendly. So hurry up and experiment with your eyes by purchasing kajal right away!


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