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Buy Generator at Best Prices on Installments in Pakistan

With our dependence on electricity increasing day by day, the need for a generator in our homes has become absolutely vital. The power outages are such a nuisance especially when we need to get work done, run a load of laundry in the washing machine, use the internet or most importantly switch on the AC and fans to beat the summer heat. Small generator price in Pakistan can start as low as Rs. 19,000.

You can opt for a number of different features in generators beginning with whether they are petrol, electric, or gas generators. They also come with the option of self-start or manual start and vary in the KVA they offer which translates to how much load they can support while running. If you are someone who uses a lot of electricity and cannot avoid it even when on a generator then the 5kva generator price in Pakistan is going to be worth your while. If not, then consider the 1.5kva generator price in Pakistan to be your best bet. The generator price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 18,799

  • Retail Price Of Generators In Pakistan Is Rs.18,799.
  • Retail Price Of Generators in USD is $121.

Generator Price in Pakistan with Specifications

Gas generator prices in Pakistan usually start onwards of Rs.18,500 and go up to over Rs.1,100,000. The price you choose also depends on the KV. The 3kv generator price in Pakistan for example is around Rs.75,000. Other models will have different price points as will different city prices. Generator price Karachi may be higher in stores due to the heat intensity and power outage frequency but luckily, you can browse different sellers online at Daraz and choose the price that suits you best!

The Lowest Price Of Generators In Pakistan Is Rs. 18,799 And Estimated Average Price Is Rs. 973,449

Why Shop for Generators with Daraz?

Daraz Online Shopping is Pakistans largest e-commerce platform that gives you the opportunity to skip the hassle of shopping in crowded stores and jump straight to the part where you get what you wanted to deliver right to your doorstep with the click of a few buttons. Not only that, it allows you to get the best generator prices on Daraz with exclusive discounts, competitive pricing, and bank partner discounts! Who would want to stand in line to buy something when you can get it directly with Daraz?

Diverse Payment Options for Your New Generator

Theres no better place to compare prices than Daraz. Since Daraz is a marketplace, it boasts thousands of sellers and millions of products to choose from and is a one stop solution to buying what you need. With secure payment options ranging from cash on delivery, credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and e-wallets you always have something that will suit your needs.

Easy 12 Months Installments Option for Generator with No Interest!

Yup, you read that correct! There is absolutely no interest rate for up to 12 months installments options from different Bank credit cards like HBL, MCB, Standard Chartered Bank, Silk Bank etc. So no need to break the bank with your purchase - get what you want on installments and be at ease!

Buy Generator Directly From Official Daraz Mall Stores

Now get your new generator directly from the dMall stores and we ensure that all products will be 100% genuine and available at the lowest prices. So why keep putting off what you need? Start online shopping now and get the best prices, discounts, bundle deals and vouchers to make your purchase the best one yet! Stay tuned for azaadi sale 2022 to get awesome deals and discounts on Daraz upto 80% Off.

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