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Five Star Foam – Restful Sleep, Luxurious Slumber

A good night sleep is very important for good health and better productivity. There are different types of mattresses that can be suitable for you. There are mattresses that cater your health issues like spinal problems or muscular problems known as ortho-mattresses.

There are a number of companies producing mattresses. Five Star is one of them, producing great quality mattresses. With excellent craftsmanship and highest quality products, Five Star Foam offers a restful slumber. It has gradually made its name in the market and is now considered as one of the most reliable mattress brand all over Pakistan. It is associated with comfort, luxury and tranquility.

Variety of Five Star Foams available online in Pakistan

Spring Mattress

These durable mattresses maintain their original shape throughout its use and has weight equally distributed across the entire sleeping area. A durable knitted fabric and foam encased technology; these type of mattress provides youa flawless slumber.

Foam Mattress

With Max foam technology, it maintains balanced body temperature and also creates a relaxing and supportive sleep.

Healthcare Mattress

This superior quality mattress ensures comfort, delights your senses and helps relieve all your medical problems.


Accessories include pillows, Jaa-E-Namaz, folding mattress, neck support, back support, gel layer topper, mattress topper etc.

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