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“Books are a man’s best friend,” we all have heard these words at least once in our life, because it’s true. Nobody is there for a person as much as books are. Therefore, it is always advisable for parents to get their children to get used to books at an early age so that it becomes a lifelong habit. Reading English Books and English Novels can take you to a whole new world of imagination and creativity which is necessary for the development of kids. Majority of the intellectuals and renown schools recommend reading short stories for kids in English from a very early age as it becomes better ingrained in their developing minds.

Authors, artists, and publishers together produce hundreds and thousands of English Story Books specifically for kids. They know their target audience and they all write, draw, and publish accordingly. They know what kids like and what they want to read. You can offer a kid a book that was meant for adult such as biographies, he probably wouldn’t understand a word. A kid’s brain is likely to digest books with sentences that are easier to comprehend, funny incidents, stories with morals, stories about other kids, stories with drawings in them, etc. Children would prefer simple English story books rather than complex ones. A child’s growing mind is easier to train that to change a grown mind of an adult. Hence, it is always a better idea to give your child a book with moral stories for kids in English rather than a gadget. Whatever you give them, they will probably get hooked.  The impact of reading a story for kids English is very significant and should be the number one priority for parents.


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Daraz is an ideal platform for parents to buy suitable English story books for kids. This e-platform helps you choose from a wide variety of kids range of books. With the most reliable and credible sellers, daraz has the widest range of authors to choose from with categories including age groups and genres. you can also find brands with warranties and instalment plans according to your need and requirement. So, shop now on daraz and avail unbelievable discounts.


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