Crisps in Pakistan

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Crisps in Pakistan

Crisps, also known as potato chips, are a beloved snack in Pakistan, enjoyed by people of all ages for their crunchy texture and variety of flavors. From traditional salted variants to more innovative flavors, crisps have become a staple in the Pakistani snack market. This article explores the various types of crisps available in Pakistan, highlights the most popular ones, discusses their pricing, and guides on where to purchase them online.


Types of Crisps in Pakistan

  • Classic Salted Crisps: The timeless favorite, known for its simple yet satisfying taste.
  • Spicy Flavors: Variants like spicy masala or chili are popular, offering a fiery twist to traditional crisps.
  • Cheese Flavored Crisps: Cheese crisps are favored for their rich and creamy taste.
  • Kettle Cooked Crisps: These are thicker and crunchier, known for their artisanal quality and flavors.


Famous Crisps in Pakistan

Among the vast array of crisps, certain brands and flavors stand out:

  • Lays: Known for its wide range of flavors including the popular Salted, Yogurt & Herb, and Masala.
  • Kurkure: Offers a unique twist with its crunchy texture and local flavors like Red Chilli Jhatka.
  • Slanty: A local brand famous for its distinct shape and tasty flavors.


Crisps Price in Pakistan

The price of crisps in Pakistan varies depending on the brand, flavor, and packaging size. Generally, the price range for a standard pack of crisps is between PKR 10 to PKR 150. Premium and imported brands may be priced higher.


Where to Buy Crisps in Pakistan Online

Purchasing from Daraz:, one of Pakistan's leading online shopping platforms, offers a wide selection of crisps from various brands. The platform provides convenience in comparing prices, reading customer reviews, and exploring a range of flavors. Daraz is known for its user-friendly interface and efficient delivery, making online shopping for snacks like crisps easy and convenient.



Crisps in Pakistan are more than just a snack; they are a part of the nation's diverse culinary culture, enjoyed in various flavors that cater to local tastes. With the rise of online shopping, platforms like Daraz have made it easier for consumers to access their favorite crisps, enhancing the snack experience in Pakistan.


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