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Daraz provides a secure platform to easily donate your Zakat or donations to the trusted Non-Profitable organizations listed on Daraz through easy payment methods. 100% donations are safely transferred directly to the NGO accounts with no deductions.

All donations received are transferred to the respecitve NGOs in 7 business days

No, as an initiative to support non-profitable organization cause, Daraz does not charge any commission to the registered non-profits accounts or donation transactions

Yes, 100% of the amount is donated to the respective NGO's account.

Yes, you will receive an email confirming the transfer of your donation to the respective NGO after 7 days of the payment date

Respective NGO's are responsible for the disbursement of amounts received for Zakat, Ration, Iftaar/Sehri, Fitra on behalf of the donor. Daraz acts as a serivce provider to support them to collect donations.

No you can not purchase the items, these are only for you to pay and help the NGO procure the ration or medical items to provide to the deserving individuals listed with them.

International gateways are open and accepting donations through Visa or MasterCard Debit and Credit cards. Place your order as per steps mentioned on the campaign page

No, only digital payments are accepted due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, hence cashless transactions are available to avoid the spread of the virus

Asaan Hui Zakat - Donate Online for the People Who Need Us!

As Ramadan makes it way in the year, the blessings of the month know no bounds! Apart from being practicing piety and spirituality, Zakaat in Ramadan is an important element as well. Many poverty-stricken people depend on Zakaat donations to improve their livelihood and make their ends meet. Especially, in times like these, many of the daily wage earners have been affected deeply making them deprive of the basic necessities and in need of rashan packages to feed their families.

As Ramadan begins in Pakistan, many NGOs have taken it upon themselves to support these families by the distribution of rations and the provision of health facilities to support them afford their daily needs. Many NGOs in Pakistan aim to ameliorate the lives of the less privileged by providing them with facilities through your Zakaat donations and ration donation in Pakistan. In this month of Ramadan along with the global crisis due to COVID-19, the vulnerable people of the society need us now more than ever, thus, Zakaat donations to these NGOs are more needed now than ever!

Give Your Zakaat Online with Daraz

Daraz understands that the measures to donate Zakaat in these tough times can be hard given the lockdown, which is why with our Daraz Care initiative, you can easily pay your Zakaat donation online in Pakistan to various NGOs all across Pakistan. Daraz has partnered with various NGOs like Saylani, Edhi Foundation, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, Indus Hospital and many others to help facilitate you in donating Zakaat and ration donation online to many needy families.

The Zakaat donation process through Daraz is easy and convenient. All you need to do is head over to the Daraz website or App and select your donation package online. You can donate ration, health facilities, give zakat in Pakistan or even make donations to oversea's charity organisations.

The process of donating your Zakat through Daraz is easy and super convenient. You can give your Zakat for this Ramadan online just by following these easy steps below:

• Head over to and select “Asaan Hui Zakat” from the Banner

• Select your Donation from the list mentioned below

• Place Your Order

• Select Your Digital Payment Method

• Receive Your Confirmation Mail of the Donation Received.

You can even donate Zakaat online through Daraz if you’re not in Pakistan through international transactions. So, this Ramadan be the reason behind a family’s smile and give your Zakaat online with Daraz!


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